Kirsten Price Pantyhose

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Meet the new Playtime goddess, Kirsten Price, a hot blonde tease from down South who asked to work for Playtime so she can get you to cum on her pantyhose! She lets you look up her short skirt and shows off her tight little ass in beige, sheer to the waist pantyhose as she spanks that ass. “I bet your cock is getting hard” she says as she stands over you pumping her tight fist. She then slides off her pumps and shows how she can give a great footjob! “I want to feel your come all over my feet!” she says. Stripping down to just the pantyhose, she holds the camera inches from her cotton panel as she rubs her warm clit under the hose. She strips and then spreads her hot pussy wide.

Next, outside in a black waitress outfit that includes 6″ platforms and Wolford pantyhose, she points that sweet ass at you. Once inside, she constantly rubs her crotch begging for your come as she stands above you. Off with the uniform to coax a load from you as she slaps her pussy. “I can’t get enough of your cum!” she says before she strips and spreads again! In a workout outfit that includes super shiny purple tights, you get sweet close-ups of her ass before she makes her crotch panel visible by sliding off the leotard and holds the camera inches from it. The tights come off as she rubs her bare snatch.

Next, in her schoolgirl with black, sheer crotch pantyhose, she spreads her legs and purrs, “Cum on these pantyhose”. Great upshots as she runs her hand inside the hose before she rips them open and totally drains your balls. A few behind the scenes shots of Kirsten struggling with her pantyhose and playing on the bed in the black ripped pantyhose as she walks around the house and grabs a bite to eat!

Stars: Kirsten Price

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